Ease Your Child’s Dental Fear With These 5 Simple Tricks - Wisdom Teeth

One of the more common phobias clearly is the fear of going to the dentist, and it’s not just young people who are becoming a bit shrewd with the idea of ​​getting into the exam chair. However, dentists are clearly a process that is far more confusing and difficult for young minds to understand. By using this simple trick, and making sure to choose the right pediatric dentist, you can prevent your child from being afraid of the dentist and ensure they grow with the right attitude towards good dental hygiene!

Start young:

Find a dentist that you plan to take your child to in the future, and be sure to introduce it to their dentist early on. This introduction should ideally take place before the actual promise takes place. This humanizes the dentist and allows them/you to explain to children the concept of oral health and why it is so important.

Choose your words carefully:

Be sure to maintain a positive tone with your choice of words. Be sure to make your child understand that their friend (dentist) will clean their teeth with a ‘special toothbrush’. Avoid negative words like ‘sick’ or ‘sick’, and focus on the positive.

Practice at home:

Before their first cleaning/check-up, make a “fake” dentist visit with your child. Explain to them what the dentist will do and why, and be sure to make it fun! This will help them develop a positive attitude towards the experience, and give them a better understanding of why they should go to the dentist.

Avoid bribery:

While it may be tempting to persuade your child through the pressure of a dentist with a promise of gifts, it is best to avoid this technique. By offering a bribe, you immediately uphold the idea that a dental visit is an unpleasant experience that needs to be compensated. Instead, constantly praise your child for his courage, maturity, and good attitude during the visit.

Emphasize the importance:

Be sure to convey the importance of routine dental checks to your child. Be sure to highlight how the visit will keep their teeth strong and healthy, and prevent road problems.

How to find a Dentist?

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