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If you are currently suffering from moderate to severe tooth pain, you are most likely looking for a quick and effective treatment. It is important to consult a dentist before the pain worsens.

Get professional dental help

Schedule an appointment with your dentist. Home remedies for dental pain do not mean permanent treatments, it is only to relieve pain.

Causes of a toothache

This toothache is caused by external factors, such as cold, hot or sweet foods. The cause of dental pain is most likely related to tooth decay (Caries / Cavity) or even enamel cracking, which can be observed directly, or by x-ray. Tooth decay treatment includes cleaning the tooth and tooth filling.
Maybe there is pulp involvement represented by severe painful episodes where the tooth is more prone to cold, during chewing or in the event of pressure on the affected tooth. This type of tooth can awaken the person from his sleep. It is difficult to determine the source of pain. Treatment of pulp affected teeth is root canal therapy and dental pulp extirpation, and in most cases, a dental crown is required for the protection of weak and brittle endodontically treated tooth.

Causes of toothaches are not always teeth!

Sometimes, the pain that appears to us in the teeth arises from other tissues, such as the gums, tongue, the bottom of the mouth and even the nose cavity.
Gingivitis or deep pocket of the gums (Periodontitis) can be the source of your dental pain, treatment is done with a Curettage, washing and cleaning the gum pocket, and then follow your doctor instructions.

Dental pain is a warning light

Dental pain can appear around the clock, in varying degrees, and in different forms. Causes of dental pain and toothache are multiple but the suffering is one!! It should be noted that the pain is the light of the alarm being fired by the human body. In each case where we experience new or long-term pain, you should go for a consultation and undergo a dental examination in order to identify and diagnose the cause. Ignorance and negligence at this stage may cause irreparable damage to your teeth. In most times, it impacts your whole body and the quality of life.
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